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How to use curtains to add texture your room

How to use curtains to add texture to your room

Inspiration: Modern Huntsman range

Magnolia has given way to greys but what has stayed true is our preference for neutral colour schemes. In fact a recent survey, by paint company AzkoNobel, found

Nearly 40% of homeowners choose neutral colours for their walls

So do you make a neutral room interesting? In his interview with Architectural Digest New York designer Doug Meyer said:

“The number one tip I’d give someone creating a monochromatic space is texture”. 

In most rooms curtains are the next largest surface after the walls so choosing the right fabric for your curtains and blinds will make an impact on the depth and interest of your room scheme. 

Modern pleat Wool Linen Grey curtains with Bond movie poster

Wool Linen curtains in Grey work well in this light grey space by bringing a masculine but tactile element to balance the rounded arms of the chair and slick glass of the table and vases. The rich emerald velvet cushion is an injection of plush comfort.

Similar to colours you can choose to play with texture by contrasting or keeping them harmonious. In this pared-back modern reception all surface are reflective: the tiled floors, large glazed bifolding doors, chrome metal and silk cushions. Opting for our Narlay satin wave curtains, this design carries the high level of sheen to the windows in a practical 100% fabric. The long yarns of the central rug add warmth and comfort underfoot.

collage of Narlay Silver wave curtains and fabric swatch

Harmonious schemes tend to be more restful whereas contrasting schemes are more dynamic – the differences keep our eyes moving from one piece to the next. This is has been successfully achieved in this West London contemporary family bathroom with an industrial edge.collage Lausanne Charcoal roman blind with swatch and bathroom

The Lausanne linen-blend was a perfect match for this bathroom which mixes natural materials. The geometric lines of the floor tile dissected by the strong horizontals of the wash basin shelf are set against round contours of the mirror and bathtub. Metals, stone, woods, ceramics and outdoor plants visible through the window are beautifully complemented by the herringbone woven into the Lausanne chosen in Charcoal. Privacy is provided by the Voile Laura panel blind in cotton, it’s larger weave is a good match for the bold texture of the Lausanne roman blind.

collage of open plan living dining room with inverted pleat wool linen grey curtains

Modern spaces, like this London Victorian conversion, are often bright, open plan and have a lot of glazing. This can be great in the daytime but leave large black holes in the evening. To offset the sharp lines of this open-plan living room a timeless inverted pleat heading style was chosen for the Wool Linen curtains for the sliding and side doors. The tailored style creates regular vertical lines which would have been starker with a smoother fabric, instead the tactile wool and linen softens the look.

So how can you introduce texture into your room? Add some scatter cushions on your sofa or bed, or have some large floor cushions made up in different textures to your sofa or chairs, consider hanging some textile art on your walls, or scout for interesting table and stand lamps in metals and woods. And if you need some help choosing the right curtains or blinds to finish it off, speak to one of our designers.

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