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Curtains on Tracks

Tracks are a great option for a minimalistic look. They can be ceiling fixed or face fixed, corded or uncorded and come in a selection of colours.

  • Minimalistic and simple look
  • Fixed to ceiling
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Corded and Uncorded varieties

Curtain Tracks

Our curtain tracks are a popular choice among many of our clients. We can provide a variety of types of tracks and we have included these below:

  • Double Duty Tracks: These are strong metal tracks which can be corded or uncorded and can support heavy curtains and also be bent for bay windows. NB they cannot be reverse bent.

  • Regular Metal Voile Tracks: These are strong metal tracks for medium weight curtains. They can be bent for bay windows. NB they cannot be reverse bent.

  • Silent Gliss Tracks: We offer a selection of Silent Gliss curtain tracks for different types of curtains and window architecture. They come in a selection of colours, can be corded or uncorded. All Silent Gliss tracks can be supplied for standard Pinch pleat or for Wave heading curtains. The most popular are:
    • 3840 for ceiling and wall fixing and can be bent
    • 3900 for very heavy curtains
    • 3000 for bays and lath and fascias
    • 6243 which can sunk into ceiling
    • 1015 for small spaces as super thin

Predominantly many clients choose curtain tracks for their durability and neat profile but easy functionality. Curtains hung on curtain tracks will stack back more efficiently and allow more daylight into a room


Curtain Track Examples

What to know...

Helpful information about Curtain Tracks

  • There are a variety of curtain tracks used throughout the UK. It is vital to ensure the track installed is suitable for a wide range of curtain choices, including weight and length.
  • Most curtain tracks are made from either metal or plastic in the manufacturing process. Typically most curtains have a heading tape applied such as a pencil pleat or pinch.
  • The choice between glide track or corded track will enable you to use a cord to pull your curtains in and out or gliding by hand.

Featured Fabrics

See our full range of curtain fabrics here...

Personal Service

On line, over the telephone, by video consultation or in one of our 3 showrooms you will be looked after and guided through the whole process by one of our designers whether you are buying 1 roller blind or a fully integrated home automation system.

Price Match Promise

We offer you the most competitive solutions for your curtains and blinds; we promise to match any like for like quote from a high street retailer for the same size and specification of product

European Woven

Traditionally woven fabrics from family run European mills & yarn suppliers which are shown made up in all of our showrooms

British Made

Curtains and blinds made by our skilled seamstresses working in either workrooms or within their homes in and around Nottinghamshire

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