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All internal blinds must comply with the 2014 child safety standards. In early 2014, the standards regarding the manufacture, supply and professional installation of internal window curtains and blinds changed significantly. The new standards aim to protect babies and small children and apply to new curtains and blinds. From now on, installation of child safe blinds and curtains in all homes is compulsory whether children are present or not. Child safety measures involve limitations on cord and chain lengths, using safety devices for preventing any cords or chains from creating a hazardous loop and safety warnings as appropriate. Pret a Vivre is fully compliant with the latest child safety standards for curtains and blinds for internal windows.

Child Safe Blinds

The cords on the reverse side of the blind run through plastic cord breakaways attached along the bottom two horizontal rods, these breakaways will detach beyond a certain amount of pressure. The toggles at the end of the cords are secured with a knot to prevent them from slipping off and provides a secure way of balancing the blind. It does not form part of the safety system. Should the plastic breakaways become detached they can easily be clipped back together as seen in our video here.

If the roman blind is fitted with a chain lift mechanism the same safety features apply as the roller blinds.

If the roman blind is fitted on batons and operated by cords, a cleat is then fitted at a minimum of 150 cm off the floor to secure all spare cord.

Roman Blind pic

Roller Blind

Roller Blind pic

The majority of our roller blinds are made with side winders as these systems are more robust and longer lasting than spring operated mechanisms.

The chains are supplied with a break away connector which will snap apart when any force or pressure of over 2 kilograms is applied. These can be reconnected very easily again should they come apart. The chain must be fitted at a minimum of 60 cm off the floor.

If the roller blind is large and heavy, the chain supplied with be a continuous chain (as it will otherwise come apart when the blind is being used). In this instance the chain has to be fitted at a minimum of 150 cm off the floor and secured with a tensioning device such as a p-clip.


Choosing Safer Blinds

It is important that the blinds we choose for our homes are safe, especially if we have (or plan to have) young children or small pets living with us. Children are naturally curious about many things found within the home, which is why here at Pret a Vivre, we offer a wide range of child safe blinds to help you choose appropriate blinds for your property.

Children spend the majority of their time in the house. We understand that it is important for families to have a choice of blind designs which look stylish as well as offering the safety features you need when you have kids in your home. Our range of child safe blind designs include cordless blinds, motorised/electronic blinds and blinds with safety devices built in, such as hooks and cleats to keep cords up away from the ground, or breakaway components designed to break apart if a certain amount of force is applied to the cord. These blinds are just as easy to install and look no different to non-safety blinds in the room. The parts are easy to reassemble should you pull the control cord too hard and break away accidentally!

Blinds for Safer Living

All internal blinds must comply with the 2014 child safety standards in order to protect children and babies. Cords and chains need to be prevented from forming hazardous loops which could cause strangulation and safety measures are taken to ensure all new blinds and curtains rigorously hit the standards required for safety.

Our range of child safe blinds offers a wide range of styles, colours and designs, all with the peace of mind that they are fully safe when used in a home with children or pets, whilst still making the rooms blinds look the best they can. From completely cordless designs through to correctly installed safety devices, we can help you to choose the perfect blinds to complement your design and style. For complete safety, why not try the remote controlled electronic blinds, which can be operated with no cords or pulleys involved. A simple push of a button can raise or lower your blinds whenever you need.


What Makes A Blind "Child Safe"?

Blinds need to be made safer in order to comply with the 2014 child safety standards for blinds and curtains. It is natural for children and some pets to have a curious nature and loops, dangling cords and chains can be extremely interesting to children!

The child safety standards were introduced to help reduce the number of incidents involving children and blind cords. The safety standards must be applied to all new blinds and include limiting the length that cords can be, reducing chain lengths, or even removing any cords and chains altogether! Remote controlled blinds are the safest of all, offering completely cordless designs which look sleek and sophisticated. Pret a Vivre is fully compliant with the 2014 child safety standards for all curtains and blinds for internal windows and can provide assistance and help you find the appropriate blinds for your home where safety is concerned.

Any style of blind can be made child safe – from simply limiting the length of the cord, to removing cords and chains altogether and using automation and remote-controlled operation.

Personal Service

On line, over the telephone, by video consultation or in one of our 3 showrooms you will be looked after and guided through the whole process by one of our designers whether you are buying 1 roller blind or a fully integrated home automation system.

Price Match Promise

We offer you the most competitive solutions for your curtains and blinds; we promise to match any like for like quote from a high street retailer for the same size and specification of product

European Woven

Traditionally woven fabrics from family run European mills & yarn suppliers which are shown made up in all of our showrooms

British Made

Curtains and blinds made by our skilled seamstresses working in either workrooms or within their homes in and around Nottinghamshire

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