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Curtain Heading Styles

Offering a wide variety of curtain heading styles, we can help you decide the perfect heading finish to your curtains. Whether you're looking for pencil pleat, standard gather, pinch pleat, goblet, eyelet or tab top we're able to help and provide you with design expertise to choose the right heading for your style.

  • Traditional standard headings.
  • Modern heading styles available.
  • Bespoke sizes and customisations.
  • FREE Video Design Consultation

Curtain heading Options

Top Tip

Triple, Twin and Single Pleat headings stack back off large windows more tidily and take less space than tape headings which are more suited for a casual look and smaller windows.


Triple Pleat:

Triple pleat, or sometimes known as triple pinch pleat, curtains are a traditional curtain heading used to create a classic finish. Often triple pleat curtains make a great choice for formal areas of the home like drawing rooms and dining rooms.


Single Pleat:

Single pleat curtains have just a single pleat, their simplicity has gained them more popularity in recent years. They can be the best option for many windows.


Inverted Pleat:

An inverted pleat has two flat folded edges that are towards the centre point on the outside, which form a box pleat on the inside.


Twin Pleat:

Sets of two folds are sewn into the header of the fabric at regular intervals in a neat row of ‘V’s. This double pleat uses more fabric than a single pinch pleat, creating a fuller double thickness, more sumptuous curtain with plenty of body.


Wave Heading:

Wave, or Surf, curtains have no bunching or pleats along the top. It is created through combining a specially designed heading tape and specific Wave/Surf track or tracked pole to get a soft and simple continuous wave effect. Ideal for living spaces with large windows or doors, a wave heading stacks back neatly and is well known for its contemporary look.


Goblet Heading:

Much like twin pleating, goblet curtain headings take a lot of extra material. The goblin pleat is sewn in and is fixed, giving it the form of a luxury tailored look.


Informal Wave

Is the combination of a Wave, or Surf, heading style hung from a standard pole or track. The way these curtains hang is a lot more natural but is best suited to smaller windows.


Tape Headings:

Pencil pleat (3″ tape heading)
Gathered Heading (1″ tape heading) set down from the top of the curtains by 6cm as standard or up to 10cm according to your preference.
Chef’s Cap (1″ tape set down from top of curtains by 25cm as standard).


Eyelet Heading:

Eyelet curtains are often referred to as ring top curtains, it is a modern heading that is hung on 19mm metal curtain poles. The pole is thread through the eyelets without the need for any sort of track or hooks. Similar to a wave/surf heading, eyelet curtains stack neatly for a minimal look. They are less convenient in bedrooms as they will allow more light to seep from above.

Personal Service

On line, over the telephone, by video consultation or in one of our 3 showrooms you will be looked after and guided through the whole process by one of our designers whether you are buying 1 roller blind or a fully integrated home automation system.

Price Match Promise

We offer you the most competitive solutions for your curtains and blinds; we promise to match any like for like quote from a high street retailer for the same size and specification of product

European Woven

Traditionally woven fabrics from family run European mills & yarn suppliers which are shown made up in all of our showrooms

British Made

Curtains and blinds made by our skilled seamstresses working in either workrooms or within their homes in and around Nottinghamshire

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