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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes it works well to layer blinds and curtains on one window – the practicality of blinds with the style and look of curtains. Kitchen windows are a good place for both! Speak to our team to get some design inspiration for your new look.

There isn’t a right or wrong fabric for kitchen curtains – it all depends on your own sense of style and how you want your kitchen windows to look.  If you want a floaty, subtle curtain, then voiles would be a good choice.  For a laidback, easy feel, linen is a nice option.  We have a huge range of fabrics for you to choose from, so take a look at our collection for more ideas.

The cost of made to measure curtains is sometimes higher than that of “off the shelf”, however the quality of the finished product can rarely compare.  Our made to measure curtains are truly made to measure for your windows.  We ensure that your finished curtains are exactly to your specification and this quality means your curtains will continue to look great for many years to come.

It can be difficult to visualise how your new kitchen curtains could look without seeing and feeling the fabrics in person – there is only so much you can see with a picture! We welcome visits to any of our London showrooms – get in touch with our team if you wish to discuss your design ideas!

We know that seeing images on a screen isn’t the best way to view fabrics, so you can see samples of all our amazing range of fabrics at your nearest Pret a Vivre Showroom in London. All our showrooms can be found here.

Bay windows can be tricky to get right. Luckily, we have lots of experience in dressing bay windows!  Take a look at our recently completed projects to see how we have finished some bay windows recently, or for more inspiration, take a look at our design ideas for bay windows.

Not at all! All our curtains are completely made to measure, so we carefully measure each window to be sure to have the perfect size ordered for you.

Living on a road can have the issue of passers by looking into your front window.  One way round this is to use voiles to subtly reduce the amount that people can see in, whilst still allowing you to see out.  Why not see if our design team can help you to find the perfect curtains for your living room today?

We have several showrooms throughout London where you can come to see our amazing fabric range and talk to the design teams about your room and how best to dress the curtains to suit your needs.  Check for your nearest showroom here.

All our curtains are made to measure, with our team taking great care to ensure measurements are taken accurately. We measure each window several times to be sure that the size ordered is the perfect fit for your window.

There are a number of factors to the cost of new curtains, from the choice of fabric, to the size of the window and any other details such as whether they are automated or not. We can help you find curtains which can match your budget, with our extensive choice of fabrics and styles.

We have lots of images of our past work throughout this website! Why not take a look at our recent projects to start off with?

The fabrics you choose will certainly depend on the use of the room, as well as your personal style.  For living rooms which are on a street for example, voiles can be a good way to reduce visibility in from the road as well as filtering sunlight.  For elegant or dressier styles, fabrics which drape and hang well are a must. Speak to our design team if you need a little inspiration, or take a browse through our fabric pages!

As all our curtains are made to measure, there should be no reason why your idea cannot be made into reality. If there are any likely difficulties with the shape or design of your window, our team can advise you and help you to choose a curtain style that you love and will work with your bay windows. We have some examples of designs we have created on bay windows here

All our curtains are made to measure so there will be no problem making sure your new curtains fit perfectly, no matter the size of the window!

We have a number of showrooms throughout London and the surrounding area where you would be more than welcome to come and visit us, see the fabrics and speak to our design team who can help you to get started with your new curtains.

Yes! Lots of people think that bay windows can’t have curtains due to the shape, but our team can measure your bay window carefully to get a perfectly fitting set of curtains to style your bay window. 

We can offer a wide range of header styles, from eyelets to pencil pleat, pinch pleat or wave headers. Our team can explain the different styles if you require more assistance. 

Whilst we have all our fabrics shown on our website, it’s always a good idea to see them in person! We have several shops in London where you can come to see and feel the different fabrics. Find your nearest showroom.

We offer both roller and roman blinds made to measure, with a huge range of fabrics to choose from to fully customise your design.

All blinds installed in UK homes now need to comply with certain regulations to make them safer. Any style of blind can be made safer, by limiting the length of the cord, removing cords altogether or by using special attachments to secure the cord lengths.

We make all our blinds to fit your window, no matter the size! Our team will carefully measure your window to ensure the blind fits exactly.

Hanging mechanisms are something to consider, particularly if your bay window is in a bedroom. Ceiling fixed tracks are good for blackout and Lath & Fascia’s are even better.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this, it tends to depend on what heading style suits your scheme the best however a lath and fascia will only work with pinch pleats curtains. We can help you work out the best heading for your bay window curtain no matter if you have pinch pleat, pencil pleat or another variation. 

We always recommend floor to ceiling curtains on bay windows where possible as they tend to offer a more aesthetically pleasing finish and elongate the room, creating the look of a bigger space. "Breaking curtains" (just longer than the floor) tends to offer the most luxurious look.

Some of the more popular styles include pencil pleat curtains, thermal curtains, blackout eyelet curtains amongst many more. Speak to our team to discuss your options and find curtains right for your room

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