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Reconverted Police Station Project

Reconverted Police Station

Location: Reconverted police station, in the W9 area

Brief: Large irregular windows dressed to achieve a modern look, softening the windows, offering daytime privacy without blocking the light or overcrowding the room.

Blackout roller blinds were chosen for the bedrooms, providing a simple and cost-effective blackout solution. To soften these sharp lines the client chose a stylish striped floor-to-ceiling voile curtains framing the window and adding daytime privacy. The extraordinarily high ceilings are in excess of the maximum voile fabric length. Rather than have vertical joins we opted for a top border introducing an interesting element to the design. The result is a contemporary, light and sophisticated finish that adorned and elongated the room.

In the living room the silk and velvet curtains became a central feature of the room, achieving a luxurious feel without making the room feel over decorated and dark. The combination of both the voile and the silk and velvet curtains is a modern but inviting look offering both day time and evening privacy.

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