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Good Blackout = Good Night Sleep

Now the clocks have changed and that sunlight is creeping in earlier, you may find you’re struggling to sleep the whole night through. We know how important a good night’s sleep is and have listed below some of our great solutions for you.

1. Lath & Fascia or Pelmets


Lath & fascia’s as well as pelmets are probably some of the best options you will find for blackout.

They’re created using boards that have front and top part to minimalise light escaping from the side and top of the curtain.

2. Pole & Tracks


Poles and Tracks are great options for blackout curtains and are a really reasonably priced hanging mechanism. Do keep in mind that if you’re particularly sensitive to light, you may find the slight seepage from the top and side of the poles prevents you from sleeping well.

When you can opt for a ceiling fixed track or pole this is a good idea as there is less light seepage with this option but Lath & fascia will still preform more effectively.

3. Roman & Roller Blinds


Roman blinds always look really smart and can be a good option for blackout if space is a concern.

We always recommend to hand stab roman blinds when they’re used for a bedroom as this is the better option or blackout as highlighted in the video link below.

Roller can be a good cost effective solution but or probably the least effective dressing for blackout.

don't forget

We will offer temporary blackout panels to you once you have placed a deposit for an order on blackout curtains or blinds.

No more disrupted sleep whilst you wait for your new window dressings.

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