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Design Journeys Through Unique Times

Video consultations were something completely new to us at Pret a Vivre at the start of the lockdown BUT have been completely revolutionary and we like many others have opened our eyes to a new way of working.

If we are being honest we were a little uncertain as to how things would work when conducting design consultations for the majority of our projects through video call however to our delight it has been surprisingly easy and worked so very well.

As designers we love it as we get to really gain an understanding of our client’s home and style whilst being able to see windows and surrounding spaces. Our clients have truly valued it as they can view all our products made up in our showrooms from the ease and comfort of their own home. For this very reason we are most definitely keeping our video consultations going for those of you who perhaps don’t always have the time to make a showroom visit.

Below are some of our designers sharing their journeys on projects they have worked on throughout these unprecedented times.

Fran started this project with a quick phone call catch up with her returning customer to get an idea of the client’s general needs. From there a video design consultation was booked in. This was so helpful for Fran to see the windows that needed dressing and to get a feel for the client’s home.

For the client, it was an excellent opportunity to see all the products made up within the showroom all from the ease of his own home. Samples were sent to the client’s home where he could hold the fabrics to the paint colour of each room to decide on his preferred options.

Once a decision was made our fitter visited the client to take measurements.

Subsequently the order was placed and our fitters returned to fit the order. The Client had opted for motorised rollers in voile Montana which worked beautifully alongside the Clara curtains on a bent bay track.

Bright, sleek and sophisticated is the finished look and we just love it.


Deepak from our Fulham showroom worked with his client to create the prefect dressing for this curved bay window sitting alongside an additional window.

From the Initial discussion with the client Deepak could see that this window wanted to be dressed with a simple fabric so that the wall of curtains wasn’t too heavy. This was confirmed when our fitter video called Deepak from the measure visit so that he could inspect the window further.

The voile Mellissa worked perfectly for this. Heavy enough for good privacy and day light to be let in but not so heavy that it swamped the room. The wave heading and curve of the track worked beautifully alongside the grooved wood ceiling.

The end result was sophisticated and simple, with a serene finish. We feel relaxed just looking at the photo.

Christina from our Islington showroom started this project with a phone call consultation. Following the consultation samples were posted out from our head office and Christina was sent rough measurements and picture from her client so she could draw up an initial quotation.

The client wanted a dressing that would help keep the noise out and warmth in, so floor to ceiling interlined curtains were decided on. Having additional layer of interlining really helps with sound and temperature.

After the measure Christina had a second catch up with the home owner to finalise the fine details and ensure everything on the order was to the client’s expectations.

The client opted for a neutral tone for the body of the curtain in our ever popular fabric Lugano. The plum leading edge border helped to frame the window and elongate the room.

What’s particularly striking is the use of the plum border which matched the exterior plant life. Merging the outside life within the front room.

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