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How To Keep Your Home Warmer With Your Window Dressings

We have multiple ways to keep out the cold through various window dressings AND to suit every budget.

Top Tip: Our blackout fabrics have thermal properties and therefore are a great additional layer at the window for warmth, even if blackout is not required.

warmer home with window dressings

Below are some options on how to bring blackout lining into your dressing.

  • Curtains
    Curtains are your best option as these cover a large area floor to ceiling and can be lined with multiple layers. Swap your cotton lining for blackout lining (even if it’s not a bedroom) and this will instantly help to block out a chill. Then to go one step further you can add an additional layer of interlining.
  • Roman Blinds
    Roman blinds, like curtains can be cotton/blackout lined and interlined. This can also be a great option to keep out draughts: Roman blinds may be a better option to curtains if you have large projecting sills or obstructions which prevent floor to ceiling curtains.
  • Blackout Roller Blinds
    Roller blinds are a great cost effective solution or can offer a quick fix. If you already have curtains that you don’t want to replace, consider adding a blackout roller blind fitted close to the glazing and frame which will trap the cold air and therefore prevent heat loss.

Additional information on our blackout and interlinings:

Our blackout lining is 3 pass quality which means that it is a cotton sateen lining which is coated 3 times to make it 100% blackout. This process effectively stops heat from passing through the fabric. This is the best additional lining to add to curtains or blinds if you’re concerned about preserving heat.

Interlining does help with preserving the heat and of course the more layers you add the better however interlining is it is not as dense as a quality blackout lining and will not be as effective.

Interlining comes in three different weights: Nimbus, Fleece and Bump. So you can choose your preferred weight, remember the thicker the interlining the fuller the finished look of the curtain will be.

Blackout lining is the most cost effective and efficient way to preserve your room from heat loss; interlining is a good option to add a further layer to give a nice cosy feel but will cost more as both curtains and blinds have to be finished by hand.


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