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Staying with our theme of solutions for curtains ready for Christmas, take a look at this good looking pair of curtains we put together in our Fulham showroom.

The temporary cost of this window solution is only £50!

The temporary cost of this window solution is only £50!

To give you an idea of what can be put in place in a short space of time without costing the earth, we used two end of roll fabrics (from our sale collection) which we hung with crocodile clips. Pictured here is just one way of hanging, there are lots of possibilities – we can help you with this.

Using this particular treatment, you can have curtains ready for Christmas. The cost breaks down as follows:

We used a 1.5 m pole with brackets, rings and finials. Cost £61.
One pack of crocodile clips. Cost £10.
2x 2m of off-cut fabrics at only £10 per meter. Costs £40

As the pole, brackets, rings and finials can be used again for your permanent window treatment, the temporary cost of this window solution is only £50!
And it could be less! You could always use the fabrics afterward for lovely cushion covers (should you decide not to use it for curtains or blinds).

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Come and see us this week in our London showrooms – we can help.
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We are also in Notting Hill and Islington.

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