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What are home automation blinds?

Why use smart blinds and how to incorporate them into any home

Words like “smart blinds”, “smart home” and “home automation” are cropping up everywhere in TV renovation shows and design magazines.

Home automation is a great way to add useful and easy mechanisms for opening and closing your blinds or curtains at the touch of a button, or through an app on your phone. Motorized shades look great and can be operated remotely, ideal for large windows, difficult to reach windows and more. Perfect for quickly and easily adjusting the light levels in your rooms and adding a nice atmospheric touch. Smart shades can also be operated with voice commands through your Google Assistant or via Amazon Alexa.

What are smart blinds?

Smart blinds are electric roller blinds or roman blinds which are motorised and can be controlled remotely. The “smart” comes from being able to control the blinds using an app on a smartphone.

Smart blinds are an easy introduction into the benefit of smart home technology as well as being a good entry point for any home as they don’t need to be installed during a build but can be fit anywhere using the latest battery-operated motors.

The Somfy TaHoma app can be used on a laptop, tablet or smartphone to control your blinds while you’re at home or away.


How do smart blinds work?


Firstly the blinds need to be motorised which means they need to have:.

  • A power source: this can be batteries, a plug in a socket or have them hard wired in if there are building works involved.
  • A motor: this is neatly stored out of sight in the component that makes the blind raise/lower – in the roll of roller blinds or in the headrail of roman blinds.

Then you need to control the battery powered smart blind. This can be done at the press of a button with a remote control, a wireless wall switch or via an app on your smartphone. The ultimate control is automatically done using a sensor which controls your blinds for optimal room temperature or sunlight. Too complicated? Just ask Alexa to adjust your blinds.

Are smart blinds worth it?

Opening or closing a blind doesn’t seem like such a hard job that it should be automated but there are advantages that come with motorising and programming your blinds with remote control.

Control several blinds at once

Consider when you’re waking up and want some sunshine to start the day off right, how nice would it be to have the blinds naturally rise when your alarm goes off? Or simply pressing a button and having all the blinds in your bay window close at the end of the day so you can just sit and relax in front of the telly.

Motorisation would make an easy job of opening and closing all the roller and roman blinds on this five panel bay window


Set the blinds for the perfect balance between daylight and privacy

In bay windows and large glazed areas there can be a number of blinds, giving you versatility to choose which to keep open and which to close so you can keep some light while avoiding glare. Motorisation and programming in this Fulham riverside flat gives the owners complete control and sets the mood at the touch of a button or remote control.

Control roller blinds separately or program as a group for any given scenario


Automate blinds for better energy efficiency

Using a sensor to continually track the amount of sun coming into a room and the room’s temperature can prompt your smart blinds to raise or lower as needed. Somfy’s Thermosunis sensor can automate the blinds to help control room temperature and in turn save on energy costs.

Motorised electric roller blinds can lower to avoid this playroom overheating while controls are child safe with a simple wirefree wall switch applied to the wall

The best in child safety with no chains, cords or wires

The simple wall switch in the image above shows a great chain-free option for these large roller blinds in the kid’s playroom. Motorisation is a great option for any room where kids will be.

Programming blinds to look like you’re home even when you’re away

Using a timer to turn lights on and off while away on holiday can be a great way to make a house look lived in, consider extending this to programming your blinds to raise and lower as they normally would while you’re home. Staying away over the weekend? Set a program to mimic your life including changes over holidays and weekends, all 365 days a year.

Program smart electric blinds to move making it look like someone is home for peace of mind while you are away

If you’re still not sure whether or not smart blinds are for you, have a chat with one of our designers. They can talk you through all the technical aspects and options to find the best fit for you. Our automation experts can speak directly with your architects or home automation specialist to integrate your blinds seamlessly into your new home.


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