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Bay Windows

There are several options for dressing bay windows.
Roman blinds for Bay Windows:
A neat and cost effective way to dress Bay Windows. Either hang the blinds within the recess or on the flat part of the architrave.
Curtains for Bay Windows: Consider the hanging system (pole, track, Metropole) and the heading style.
Wrought iron pole: The most cost effective way to hang curtains on a bay window.
Wooden bay poles: It is possible to find wooden bay poles but generally these are more tricky.
Wave track: Can be bent for bay windows, creating a smooth wave effect.
Bay lath & fascias: We can make a template of the angles as a first fix to ensure that there is a perfect fit.
Bay pelmets: can be made for bay windows, either in one piece without any join (looks really amazing) or in 3 pieces.
Metropole: A neat product from Silent Gliss which is very good for bay windows.