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And how to make the most of it

Thrilled with your new curtain or blind design you are ready to get going, it’s time for a measure visit from one of our professional fitters.

A group shot of our Pret A Vivre professional fitters

Our Pret A Vivre Fitters


Our Fittings Manager will be in touch to set a convenient date for your visit, sending an email to confirm the appointment. Our appointment start times are given as a window (no pun intended), say 10:00 – 13:00, as our Fitters have to cope with the unexpected on the roads, parking etc.

Your Fitter will come to meet you and take all necessary measurements of each window or door for each room you are looking to decorate – even if the windows all look the same they rarely are so it’s important to measure each one.

A stunning Battersea flat with perfectly fit roller blinds on floor to ceiling windows in their modern sitting room

The visit usually lasts between 30 minutes and a few hours but this depends on the number of windows or doors to measure, so be sure to let your Designer know and we’ll set aside enough time.

The Fitter will pass on all measurements to your Designer who can then review your quote or order.


  • Clarify which rooms, windows and doors need to be measured
  • Avoid lost time by informing us of parking restrictions etc
  • Clear the areas near the windows and doors so our Fitter can access them
  • Let us know if your window or door is particularly high up. We always bring a ladder but some times we need to arrange for something extra to reach those skylights!

We love to meet with you but if you can’t be there we can find other arrangements and you can have all the discussions directly with your Designer, explaining:

  • How you use the room and so what you want the curtains or blinds to do for you
  • If anything will change in the room such as new flooring, coving or new radiators beneath the window…


A view from below showing the complexity of a five sided bay in Muswell Hill with privacy blinds and blackout curtains

This five-sided bay shows how complicated it can be to get the measurements just right. These privacy blinds fit beautifully behind the blackout curtains on the lath & fascia of this Muswell Hill bedroom.

We offer a full measure service because we know that the expertise and knowledge of our fitters is important to providing you with the most suitable solution and the best fit. We charge £75, in London, regardless of how many windows we’re measuring. This helps us cover the costs of our Fitter’s time and we will refund in full against an order for £750 excluding fitting.

If you feel you’re not ready for a professional visit just yet we have prepared a template to help you take your own measurements for a quote.

To request your template just fill in the form:


Fabric swatch of Chambly linen-hemp blend fabric in a gray green Shingle colour


A natural fabric blended from linen and hemp with a weighty hang, it looks amazing unlined and has excellent environmental credentials. Both the flax and cannabis plants are fast growing and hardy, requiring few pesticides or fertilizers, and the resulting fabric is easily recyclable and biodegradable.

A durable fabric Chambly is suitable for general domestic upholstery and is available in 5 suggestive colours: Oatmeal; Natural; Reed; Seafoam and Shingle for £59.90 per metre.

Like this style and design? Speak to a member of our design team today!


Decorating one room at a time? Book a measure visit for all the rooms you want to do and we’ll keep the measurements on file for when you’re ready to move onto the next step. Just remember to let us know if you have changed the flooring, window or ceiling and we will come to check the measures.

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