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Large Maida Vale window in 3 panels

Large Maida Vale window in 3 panels

The living room of this apartment has a lovely big window with views out onto pretty Maida Vale. It is a big window in 3 panels. It lets in lots of light and is in fact a central feature of the room. Usually, we would recommend curtains for a window this big. But this particular situation called for a more creative solution. Take a look at image below.

Curtains may not always be practical on large windows if for example there is little space for stacking

There is not much space for a curtain stack on the left hand side of the window because of the TV. Our customer did not want to have any clutter on the other side. This is an unusually large size window for a Roman blind. In fact we generally would not recommend a Roman blind for a window of this size as one big blind to fit this sized window would simply be too large to manoeuvre.

The solution was a made to measure roman blind in 3 separate panels. In this way, even though it is a big window, the Roman Blind concept works very well as it mirrors the natural panels in the window itself.

In terms of managing the flow of light into the room, Roman panel blinds offers maximum flexibility as each of the three panels can be operated independently. The image below illustrates how its opening levels can be angled.

Flexible Roman panel blinds

Flexible Roman panel blinds

The fabric used for these Roman panel blinds is from the new Toiles de Mayenne collection called Reflet. We offer Toiles de Mayenne fabrics exclusively in the Greater London area and are celebrating the first anniversary of our Toiles de Mayenne partnership this summer.

Do you have a challenging window situation or special requirements to be taken into consideration when dressing your window? Come and see us at any of our London showrooms! We excel at creative solutions.

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