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Orders & Workroom Co-ordinators

Orders & Workroom Co-ordinators 

Head Office Showroom 


Came from an embroidery design business, and has worked with PAV since 2005 looking after the workrooms on the manufacturing side of the business. She’s the one with the magic wand to make things happen in time, and is a one woman fix-it department. Loves nothing better than a beautiful finished product, hates plastic waste.


The life support system of the office, Jenny has been here for ever and knows or remembers everything. Queen of the stock sheet, master eye for detail and blessed with infinite patience, she manages the orders and spread sheets with a scientific application worthy of any Nobel prize winner.  Loves it when the fabric requirement exactly matches the fabric stock, hates numbers that don’t make sense.


Came from an embroidery background with Susan in 2004. Enjoyed seeing all the curtains and blinds on quality control for many years before moving to a warm office and comfortable chair to deal with fabric orders and processing. Loves new fabrics coming in, hated having cold feet!