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On a recent project in London W8, our Kensington client had a large glazed area (French Windows) in a much occupied family room, leading directly onto the garden. The room itself is multi-purpose and used for dining, entertaining and relaxing. The solution would need to offer some shade from bright sunlight at appropriate times of day but without blocking the wonderful light that adds to the room’s character.

Curtains & Blinds for Kensington, London W8

Curtains & Blinds for Kensington, London W8

We recommended a voile curtain solution, unlined so as not to block the light. The voile material we used is Elise Stone. Elise hangs superbly and has a woven vertical stripe that adds a nice touch of detail and depth.

Curtains and Blinds London W8

Detail – Voile Elise Stone with hallmark vertical stripe

We hung the curtains on a bronze wrought iron curtain pole and a twin pleat heading. For the side window, we used Elise Stone once again to make a matching roller blind. This works particularly well if you laminate the voile material.

Curtains and Blinds for home in London W8

Curtains and Blinds for home in London W8

Two of our three London showrooms are easy to reach from London W8 – come to Notting Hill to visit us on All Saints Road or down to Fulham to visit us on Wandsworth Bridge Road.  Visit our Gallery for plenty more ideas on curtains & blinds for Large Glazed Areas.

Recent Project in London W8

Recent Project in London W8

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