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Electric Roller Blinds for Bifold Doors, Richmond London

When this project was completed, both the architect and our Richmond-based client were very proud of the end result. Our client specifically wanted electric roller blinds for her bifold doors which lead to the garden from the living area. We do not generally recommend using roller blinds on bifold doors. Here’s why:

  • Roller blinds tend to easily become unbalanced. For example, this happens if they are partly down and the door is open and there is a breeze. Part of the appeal of the doors is to keep them open on a sunny day and perhaps have some sort of shading as well. Unbalanced roller blinds will not roll up and down evenly and will start to fray. The lighter the fabric of the roller, the more likely it is to become unbalanced.
  • In addition, wide flat blinds on big windows can look so very “austere” even if you want to achieve a contemporary, minimalist look.

In the end, we were quite proud ourselves! We managed to achieve the precise look our client wanted and most importantly, they are very happy with the result

Getting Prêt à Vivre involved Early:

Because this client contacted us at an early stage in this project, we were able to get involved while the walls around the bifold doors were being constructed. This meant that the electronics for the blinds could be seamlessly incorporated with the help of Prêt à Vivre. Also, the architect specially designed the box to hide the rolls and wiring while still providing easy access to the rolls should maintenance be needed in the future.

Tip :

It is always better if Prêt à Vivre is included in the project before the building is completed so we can help find solutions to hide the hardware. So many clients don’t want to see the rolls but they come to us too late in the process.

This property is in Richmond TW10 in South West London. The fabric used for the electric roller blinds is Utah silver.

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