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North West London Blinds – Diffusing the light in NW10 and NW6

We cover an increasing number of curtains and blinds projects for customers in North West London, particularly around NW10 and NW6 – the Kilburn, Kensal Green and Queens Park areas. One very common question that comes up is what type of blinds should be used in specific situations. Windows are generally a focal point in any room and most customers want their blinds to be decorative as well as functional.

With window blinds, getting the light and privacy balance is the crucial thing. Blackout blinds block out 100% of the light and are relatively straightforward. These are perfect for bedrooms or home cinema rooms, especially as the days get longer. But there are many situations in the home where ideally one wants daytime privacy but without losing all that lovely light.

Curtains and Blinds NW6

Curtains and Blinds NW6 – a panel blind in Queen’s Park

This is an example of a voile panel blind. Panel blinds are ideal for larger windows. In this NW6 home, a solution was required for the hallway / stairway window. This panel blind is made with a linen voile fabric which offers privacy while diffusing the light. It looks much cosier than having a bare window. It can be pulled up with a string and it folds nicely but the idea is this type of blind, because of the window’s location on the stairwell, does not need to be pulled up and down as often as say a Roman blind or a black out blind that you might have in the bedroom. The use of a voile panel allows this while enabling the sunlight to stream into the stairway. A panel blind has a nice, clean look with no machine stitching across the fabric as you would have in a roman blind.

Take a look at this detailed shot of a Roman Blind below. Roman blinds are made using curtain fabrics which can be matched to other soft furnishings in the room. This one is made with voile fabric. You can see the stitching goes horizontally across the fabric to keep the horizontal rods in place. It is the rods that ensure the fabric has an even fold when the Roman blind is lifted.

Roman Blinds NW6

Roman Blinds NW6 – the stitching goes horizontally across the fabric to keep the horizontal rods in place.

Below is  an example of a roller blind for a Kensal Green home in NW10. This is a good choice of blind if you want to use your window sills. As you can see, this roller blind is customised by using a braid at the bottom for added interest. The material is Texas Paper, which allows the light through without compromising on privacy.

Curtains and Blinds NW10

Curtains and Blinds NW10 – example of a roller blind customised by using a braid

Roller blinds are quite flexible. Again in Queen’s Park in NW6, below is an example of a roller blind, also in Texas Paper, that is pulled from the bottom up (rather than top down) allowing the light to flow into the bathroom uninterrupted from the top of the window while providing privacy where it is required.

All our blinds are custom made so we can help you choose the best match for your home, whatever your window situation. We serve North West London from our All Saints Road Showroom, just minutes from the Portobello Road. Pop in and see us – our highly experienced team is always happy to offer advice.

Looking for inspiration? Visit our Design Ideas gallery for lots of ideals on how to get the best out of your windows.

Curtains and Blinds NW10 - roller blind

Curtains and Blinds NW10 – roller blind allowing the light to flow uninterrupted from the top of the window