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Curtain Heading Styles

There are many styles of curtain headings.
Tape headings: Pencil pleat (3 inch tape heading), king pleat (6 inch tape heading) and gathered heading (1 inch tape heading) set down from the top of the curtains by 6cm as standard or up to 10cm according to your preference. Chef’s cap (1inch tape set down from top of curtains by 25cm as standard).

Pinch pleat headings: twin pleat, triple pleat and inverted pleat. Neat and fixed heading styles on 6 inch buckram as standard. 4 inch buckram also available.

Wave heading: The finished appearance is similar to that of eyelet curtains but the fabric hangs directly below the track in a neat and uniform style.
There are two sizes of wave headings. The 80mm wave offers a deeper wave with a larger distance from the front to the back. The 60mm wave is shallower and smaller front to back, which lends itself to smaller recesses but will have a slightly larger stack back.

Informal wave: Created by using wave tape but for curtains hung on poles.

Eyelet heading: Simple, casual flexible heading. We offer 50mm diameter eyelets in a range of finishes.

Goblet heading: Classic, traditional and formal heading made with 6inch buckram