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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds can be unlined, lined, blackout lined and interlined. They can be supplied with contrasting borders, beading or other trims.
Roman blinds can be made either machined where the tapes and rods will be machine stitched across the blinds; this will create tiny needle holes which are visible when the blind has blackout lining and is against the light.
Hand-stabbed and hand finished blinds will not have these machine lines but small hand stabs across the blind where the face fabric is secured to the lining(s).
Roman blinds can be supplied on 1″ x1″ batons with cords and secured  with a cleat or using a chain lift mechanism or can be automated.
A Roman Blind can be strung in two different ways; either it can be strung so that it pulls up under itself so that the least amount of light is lost with the stack; the bottom panel will drop slightly lower than the folds to protect them against fading. Alternatively it can be strung to create a soft cascade effect. We will string the blind to create a cascade unless you specify otherwise at the time of ordering and it is confirmed on the Order Confirmation.
Generally Roman blinds stack in a neat cascade within 25 – 30 cm depending on the overall length of the blind.